Hi everyone,

So as of today- April 24, 2019- Legal Narratives is indefinitely suspended.

I know this may come as a surprise for some readers- especially those of you who were looking forward to the next entries in the Poetry of the Month and Vice series. The reality though is that I found myself preparing to take what has been a short hiatus over the summer to plan for fall and…well, I found myself at a loss.

The truth is, in this incarnation (the site’s 2nd since I first created it), Legal Narratives has been taking a very broad interpretation of what I’d been hoping to do. Partly that’s because the topics I’d wanted to discuss when I started- things like lawyer wellness, the intersection of law and storytelling, and how lawyers appear in our popular culture- have become incredibly mainstreamed now. Plenty of publications are actively discussing this, with the ABA pretty much having a column on each of these in its magazine now and the columns over at Above the Law well known. Partly it’s because this particular form of long-form blogging is no longer the norm as it once was, and engagement with the site has slowed down enough to make it feel like writing to an echo chamber. But mostly its because I find myself, once again, not having anything to say. I think my views are pretty well, and repeatedly, said here, and as I’ve said once before, I don’t want to fill this site with posts that feel “empty” and pointless.

I won’t be deleting the blog. It’ll be here, in all its glory, for all newcomers looking for a place to get started for as long as I can keep it here.  But otherwise, and for now, please consider this site to be on hold.


So long, and thank you for all your interest.

-B Zarin