About Legal Narratives

Legal Narratives is a website focusing on analyzing depictions of lawyers (broadly defined) and the impact of these depictions holistically. More specifically, this means I look at:
  • How media like books, films, TV shows, songs, and art depicts and discuss lawyers
  • How lawyers depict themselves, including in their own writings and cases
  • What lessons, roles, and stereotypes these depictions tell about being a lawyer
  • How different cultures conceive of law and lawyers, and
  • What techniques and themes storytelling has to offer lawyers.
Legal Narratives updates here, at its Facebook page, and at CuttingEdgeLaw.com, a site for the Integrative Law Movement created by Kim Wright.  Updates happen every Wednesday around noon except the fourth week of every month- that Wednesday is either off or presents items readers have sent in (such as interviews, book reviews, etc.)
You can:
  • Let me know what you’d like to see at Legal Narratives here.
  • Let me know if you’d like to be interviewed here. You can see past interviews in the War Chest section (it’s not a time consuming process, I promise.)
  • And, if you feel like it, buy me a cup of coffee: all proceeds go towards helping develop content and resources!