Hi everyone,

So the past couple months have actually been fairly high volume posting here at Legal Narratives. This is mostly because this upcoming month- September- I’m going to be drawing back a little as I get ready for Changing the Story of Law: Narrative Lawyering at Lenoir Rhyne, which is happening in October.

Only a little though! There’s definitely more content to come, but until then, I thought I’d bring back one of our older resource posts. So without further ado, here are two resources for discussing law and lawyers in pop culture:

First up is “Law and the Multiverse”. Originally a site discussing how the law might apply in graphic novels  it has since expanded to include the occasional post on law in movies, both those based on graphic novels and some just “geeky” in general (like Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings.)

And our second is  “Picturing Justice: the online journal of law and popular culture”, an online journal hosted by the University of San Francisco School of Law from 1997-2006. It has articles about lawyers in both film and TV from that time, making it both informative and nostalgic.


Hope you find plenty of reading here folks!